Welcome to the
Hernando Sportsplex

The Gatorade Fieldhouse
1582 Green T Road – Hernando, MS 38632

Pickleball Leagues & Clinics

Hernando Sportsplex manages the courts and concessions at The Gatorade Fieldhouse.

Are you looking to play basketball, volleyball, or pickleball or hold an event — you’re in luck!

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Hernando Sportsplex is the managing authority for the court side of The Gatorade Fieldhouse. We are responsible for all the courts, concessions, open gyms, camps, clinics, and public and private events. Also, Hernando Sportsplex manages Desoto Pickleball.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and healthy culture and environment for our clients, customers, visitors, and athletes. We invite you to become a free member of Hernando Sportplex and take full advantage of our available programs and resources.  

To protect ourselves and the establishment from any nefarious ne’er-do wells litigating an otherwise typical, everyday sports injury, we require members to agree to a Hold Harmless with Hernando Sportsplex before participating in an event and using the property.

Please note that we discourage cash and pay at the door. Except for special circumstances, events, court reservations, and open gym is booked online at HernandoSporstplex.com — even if you’re standing in the lobby! This makes everything faster and easier for facility management and serving you.

In order to book online, you need to be a free member of Hernando Sportsplex. We need to know who you are (or your parents are) and know you agree to the Hold Harmless policy.

Your smartphone becomes an easy way to show us you’re a member and provide your receipt and proof of booking. And in a pinch, we can look it up.

Thank you for understanding! This process really helps us to serve you better and keep court pricing and events priced affordably. We’re able to check you in very efficiently so you can get rolling when you come through the door.